The Sports-ISAO is a program of the Cyber Resilience Institute (CRI). It is a member organization aimed at providing a secure, vetted forum for members of the sports community to discuss matters of cybersecurity.  We welcome inquires from leagues, conferences, individual teams, sports team owners, athletes, and others affiliated with the sports community.

  • >  CRI builds strong cyber communities to protect members from cyber attackers. Like a neighborhood watch, it takes a sharing community and vigilance to thwart attackers.
  • >  Within the Sports-ISAO CRI engages communities in collective cyber defense.
  • >  Americans love their sports. By using sport, CRI is rallying communities to protect their athletes, facilities and event sponsors from cyber-attack.
  • >  The Sports ISAO is a cutting edge Public-Private Partnership that alerts members’ security teams of threats.
  • >  The Sports ISAO is changing the approach to cybersecurity. We improve cyber resilience one community at a time.