DataVault and the Identity Asset Advisors have joined the CyberJuris Network!


Protecting digital identity and creating NIL assets which can be protected under property law requires legal expertise.  Freely issuing unprotected digital content of one’s name, image, or likeness invites counterfeiting, knockoffs and revenue loss, as well as privacy loss and brand dilution.  Moreover, free and unfettered minting of NFTs containing NIL assets may transgress rules, regulations, laws and contracts. 

Recognizing these legal risks, principles from the Sports-ISAO have formed the Identity Asset Advisors to work with the CyberJuris Network to ensure legal and advisory services are available for athletes, clubs, universities and other individuals and organizations so that NIL assets are created and offered into the marketplace in an appropriate and compliant manner. 

The CyberJuris Network is an alliance of lawyers with experience at the intersection of privacy, intellectual property, cyberlaw, sports law, and digital transformation.  More information is available at

The Identity Asset Advisors

Sports-ISAO’s Identity Asset Advisors has the specialized expertise and knowledge of the sports domain to advise athletes, teams, leagues, and universities as they navigate the crypto-NFT maze, helping them to:

  • Stake a claim of ownership;
  • Protect their NIL assets through legal enforcement of rights;
  • Provide verifiable rights transfer of authentic NIL assets;
  • Monetize their digital identity and personal brand through tokens;
  • Assert ownership over Digital Identity, and all its derivatives and manifestations.

Crypto Team Leadership

Doug DePeppe, Esq, Founder, eosedge Legal, Board President, Cyber Resilience Institute (CRI)

  • Founder and Principal in its cyberlaw practice, has been specializing as a multidisciplinary cyberlaw practitioner since serving in cyber operations offices in the US Government, in the US Military, and in private practice since 2004. 
  • Holds a Juris Doctor and a Master of Laws degree with a focus on national security law and cyberlaw. He served on the 2009 White House 60 – day Cyberspace Policy Review, as part of the Lawyers Working Group; and, in 2018, he was inducted into the Information Sharing Hall of Fame. 
  • In private practice with the multidisciplinary cyber firm he founded, provides Incident Response assistance, Data Privacy and Protection advisory and training services to corporate leadership, and public-privacy partnership and information sharing assistance to a cross-sector set of clients. 
  • Leads two cyber working groups with affiliation to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), including the ISAO Standards Organization; and he serves as Board President of the Cyber Resilience Institute, and leads its Sports-ISAO Program Office. 
  • Engages in international consulting to both public and private organizations, has spoken at conferences across five continents, and has published his work in periodicals and journals. His firm is the exclusive cyberlaw and services provider to the IR Global network, which offers a variety of data privacy and cybersecurity services around the world.

Jane Ginn, Co-Founder, Cyber Threat Intelligence Network (CTIN), Secretary, OASIS, Board Member, Cyber Resilience Institute.

  • Over 30 years of international business experience in engineering consulting, information technology, and cybersecurity/threat intelligence. She has broad experience in security management, network architecture, systems integration, cloud services and threat assessment.
  • Co-founder of the Cyber Threat Intelligence Network (CTIN) and serves as Secretary of the OASIS Threat Actor Context Technical Committee (TAC TC).
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI TC) Secretary on STIX/TAXII standards development for eight years.
  • Currently serves on the Board of the Cyber Resilience Institute (CRI), a skills training organization, and is co-founder of Sports-ISAO which has been providing security operations support for major global sporting events since 2016.

Greg Ewing, President, Cypress Borg, LLC, Partner, Sports ISAO 

  • Over 30 years of experience delivering research and business advisory services to MNCs, financial institutions, and government agencies.
  • Has helped hundreds of organizations consistently deliver better results using sophisticated planning, strategy, and risk management tools. For the last five years he has focused more specifically on deploying technologies designed to help institutions successfully meet complex privacy, cybersecurity, and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) challenges.

Thomas Fuhrman, Founder & President, VECTORmv LLC.

  • Extensive subject matter expertise and consulting experience in blockchain and cybersecurity. Record of success in leading and growing technology businesses in companies ranging from very small to global. Areas of expertise include:
    • Web3, blockchain, and cryptocurrency technical concepts, platforms, and governance. Group leader of the IEEE P2145 Blockchain Governance Standards Committee.
    • Cybersecurity strategy, policy, security controls, and the enterprise management of cyber risk. Co-Lead of the Emerging Technologies Group, Shared Assessments. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).
    • Industry sector-specific blockchain applications and future directions. Evolving developments in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), Decentralized Finance (DeFi), tokenization, and applications of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs).
  • Previous roles: Consulting leader at Marsh; President of Delta Risk LLC; Partner, Senior Vice President, and consulting leader at Booz Allen Hamilton; Policy lead at White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.