Brand Protection

Protect Your Brand!

Leagues and Teams

Revenues from media broadcasting rights, ratings, advertising and other forms of fan engagement help generate the income to pay players and managers, improve venues, and recruit new talent.  This whole infrastructure is based on the copyright and trademarks that are assigned to the entity.  Now that the laws are changing with respect to digital rights and sovereign identity, individual athletes will be assuming greater and greater control over their name, image and likeness.  The legal uncertainties will have bearing on how contracts are constructed and negotiated moving forward.  The Sports-ISAO can help league and team owners to navigate this new territory.  


An athlete that develops a brand image and attracts viewership has a great value to a team and/or a league.  But the career of a major-league athlete is short-lived given the stress and strain on the physical body.  That is why it is important for athletes to think long-term about their ability to generate income from the name, image and likeness (NIL) and their brand name.  Join with other athletes in the Sports-ISAO to find out how to set-up brand name protection.  


Equipment Manufacturers

According to the GlobalWebIndex 35% of Television and Internet users respond that sports viewing is of interest to them.  Advertising and branding through these media are key to sales in the sports equipment manufacturing vertical.  

Cyber attacks on a website or a top athletic spokesperson can cause tangible brand name damage.  Join the Sports-ISAO to learn share information on cyber attack patterns and fraudulent online activities to stay ahead of the game.