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Top Social Media Platforms

The top fifteen social media platforms are given below, according to data published by DreamGrow. 

  • Facebook: 2.74B
  • YouTube: 2.291B
  • WhatsApp: 2.0B
  • Facebook Messenger: 1.3B
  • Instagram: 1.221B
  • Weixin/WeChat: 1.213B
  • TikTok: 689M
  • QQ: 617M
  • Douyin: 600M
  • Sina Weibo: 511M
  • Telegram: 500M
  • Snapchat: 498M
  • Kuaishou: 481M
  • Pinterest: 442M
  • Reddit: 430M

Given this high level of adoption cyber threat actors are attracted to social media accounts of prominent athletes and teams.  This accounts are often used to lure victims to malicious websites that drop malware on their host machines.  By joining with other users in the industry members of the Sports-ISAO take collective action against the misuse of social media accounts for nefarious actions.