In a Frenzy

In a Frenzy

The world has been in a frenzy since learning about the Coronovirus/COVID-19 during the past few months. The initial outbreak started in the city of Wuhan in China on December 2019. The topic has received plenty of news coverage from 24 hour news channels to mainstream Internet news websites. It is the topic of government meetings and the sporting world has been impacted by rescheduling and cancelling of events.

In a recent article in, The International Olympic Committee had no mention of any cancellation or postponing for the Olympic Games this year in Tokyo. There have been 3,249 people who have died because of Coronavirus and there are more than 95,000 who have been infected with the disease. The IOC will be giving updates concerning the wellbeing and updates at the following sites below which include resources to sport events that are impacted:

Athlete365 – IOC’s athlete platform that provides tools, services and articles that are beneficial to athlete development.

IOC News – The main website of the IOC and the Olympic Movement.

The World Health Organization has a special section of their website dedicated to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 disease. A great resource concerning what the disease is, how to protect yourself, travel advice and updated situation reports. There is also a database of publications concerning the disease as well as additional resources.

The BBC has an article about sporting events that were impacted by the virus. is also another source to find about cancellations. You can also check with your local, regional and International sport federations for closings as well as professional leagues.

Lastly, another important warning is that the Coronavirus not only impacts health but also cybersecurity. According to the article Attackers Taking Advantage of the Coronavirus/COVID there have been documentation of benign attacks, social engineering and malicious links.

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