Women Already Making History in Rio

Women Already Making History in Rio

Although the Olympics have not started yet, women are already making history.

The United States is sending a record number of women to the upcoming Games. Of its 555-person team, 292 members are women. This is not only a record number for the US, but it is also the most women a single country has ever sent to the Olympics. At the previous Olympic Games in London, the US was the first country to have more women on its team than men.[1]

Saudi Arabia is sending its second-ever group of women to the Olympics this year. The country named four women and seven men to its team. The women will be given wildcard entries so that they do not have to meet formal qualification standards. Sara Al-Attar, a previous Olympian, will run in the 800m race, and Cariman Abu Al-Jadail will run in the 100m. Lubna Al-Omair will compete in fencing, and Wujud Fahmi will compete in judo. Saudi women were able to compete in the Olympics for the first time at the London Olympics, where two women from the kingdom were able to compete in a similar arrangement as this year.[2]

Sara Al-Attar from Saudi Arabia's Olympics team
Sara Al-Attar competing in the 2012 Olympics
Photo source: http://tinyurl.com/ztkknzj

The US women’s soccer team aims to make it to the championship game at the Olympics tournament for the sixth time. If they win the tournament, this would be their fourth gold medal in a row, and it would be their fifth overall. If they reach the championship game this year, they would reach this point in all of the women’s soccer tournaments the Olympics has held so far. So far, it looks like the team will reach its goal because it won against Costa Rica in its last game before the Olympics 4-0.[3]

These accomplishments are only the beginning of the women’s successes at the Rio Olympics.




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