Germany’s Experience of the Olympic Games

Germany’s Experience of the Olympic Games

Germany’s Olympic team has experienced several victories during the Games so far, but it has also faced tragedy.

Germany has won several gold medals so far. German discus thrower Christoph Harting won gold on Saturday after narrowly out-throwing the previous leader, Poland’s Piotr Małachowski, in his last throw. Małachowski won silver in this event but was one of the favorites to win gold because he was the world champion last year. Another German named Daniel Jasinski won bronze in this event.[1]

Christoph Harting
Christoph Harting
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Germany also won two gold medals in rowing. Germany beat Australia by a full second to win gold in men’s quad skulls finals, and the women’s team in the same event beat the Netherlands by a full second.[2]

Germany’s dressage team won a gold medal on Friday, beating Great Britain, the winners in the 2012 Games. All of Germany’s riders this year scored above a 76 in this event. This is the country’s twenty-fifth gold in the sport, and Britain’s win in 2012 was a great upset.[3]

In addition, Germany won against the United States in field hockey during the quarterfinals. Although the United States came in last place during the 2012 London Olympics, they were having a successful run during this year’s Games, having won four of their five games. However, Germany was able to maintain a lead throughout the game to eventually win.[4] Germany also progressed to the gold medal match in women’s table tennis after winning three games out of five against Japan in a four-hour match.[5]

Despite all of the joy the German team has experienced during the Olympics so far, the German canoe slalom suffered a great loss when their coach passed away following a car accident on Monday, where he sustained head injuries. He was 35 years old and had won a silver medal in canoe slalom at the 2004 Athens Olympics.[6]

This loss is a great source of sadness for the German Olympic team, but their successes show that they are resilient.










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