Protecting Golf: The Game, the Golfers and the Sponsors

Since 1916 the Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA) has been the vanguard for the game.  They offer training, tournaments and prizes.  They also offer a level of collegiality that is unique in the sports world.

progolf_main_img_Because golf is not a team sports; but rather a test of one’s own discipline, spirit and dedication it attracts many people that enjoy both the open space and the challenge of self-discipline.  But one of the threats to the game of golf today is the effort on the part of nefarious cybersecurity threat actors to sully the reputation and brand image of those that engage in the sport.

Membership in the Sports-ISAO can benefit the individuals that participate in golf by leveraging the know-how and trade-craft of threat analysis to support monitoring for cybersecurity and social media threats.

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