Sports-ISAO Pro Launch


The Industry of Sport: Yet Another Institution of Society Targeted for Attack! Scanned, probed and targeted by cyberattackers, the Sports-ISAO observed hostile activity from the Internet as soon as the Olympics project was announced. Moreover, athletes, organizers, sponsors, and affiliated enterprises were all attacked. The publicity of the Olympic Games and all its financial backing, along with the geopolitical tension surrounding the Summer Games in Rio in 2016, presented an attractive target for a variety of threat actors.
Cyber Threat Intelligence Must Be Integrated With Event Security Operations: Hacktivists targeted the Olympic Games as a global institution! Networks served simply as instruments for achieving the greater goals of the hackers. Sports-ISAO monitored hacking groups, and performed research on the DarkComet malware, a Remote Access Trojan. The resulting visual aid depictions of the extent of Brazilian compromised devices presented a striking Use Case for protecting critical infrastructure and aiding event security through an ISAO approach.
It Takes a Team Defense: That’s a “Cross-Platform” Team Defense. Securing all of Sport, because sport participation occurs at events and venues, requires interdisciplinary intelligence. Threat Actors can target facilities, athletes, and affiliated partners. In addition to analyzing Indicators of Compromise on a platform, Sports-ISAO used social media intelligence and darknet intelligence. Fusing All-Source Intelligence is key for Securing Sports!

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