Culture of Winning

Sports in the world is a competitive game that advances the idea of winning as an end-point; an objective to work towards.  Watching the game of American football gives us a sense of the extreme physical prowess professional players have to achieve to be competitive in this sport.  The same can be said for any sport, but, for the purposes of this article, let’s just focus on football.

football1The game of cyber warfare could also be viewed as a game of sport; and more and more we need to advance the culture of winning as part of this game.  But, what we need to do is increase our vision of who is on the team.  All of the information technology staff for all the teams of the NFL are on a single team.  Our adversaries are those that would destroy the culture of sports in America.

The tools we need to battle these adversaries are known as Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs).  The players we need are the trained threat analysts.

Let’s do this and take this one into the end zone.

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