Winter Olympics 2018: Pyeongchang

Cybersecurity during the 2018 Winter Olympic games.

Guest Post by:  Abhimanyu Dev


As we step into the second month of 2018, the Winter Olympics, to be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea are just around the corner. The opening ceremony kicks off on the 9th of February 2018. The schedule for the events can be found here.

The Winter Olympics will have 2800 athletes competing in 15 different winter sports. This include 6 new additions, making this the largest number of sports ever contested in winter Olympic history.

USA will be represented by the largest delegation of athletes in Winter Olympic history, 242 athletes in total. Team USA bought home 28 medals, including 9 gold in the previous Winter Olympics held in Sochi. This year there are 5 athletes who will be defending the gold medals they won in Sochi.

There have been reports of the Winter Olympics being targeted by hackers, one such incident was reported by the cyber-security firm McAfee, that there have been attempts to steal sensitive data from groups involved in the Winter Olympics in varying capacities, like support or providing infrastructure.  Hackers used phishing emails to acquire passwords and financial data. According to their projections, there is going to be a rise in cyber-attacks that use Winter Olympic related themes. The targets included the ice-hockey team and ski suppliers, they received emails which were spoofed to look like they originated from the South Korean national counter terrorism council. The emails contained a document that if accessed, created a hidden backdoor that could be exploited.

The Sports ISAO will be supporting Team USA, making sure that the teams athletes, sponsors and facilities are safe from cyber-attacks.

Those who have an interest in cyber-security and are passionate about sports are welcome to volunteer. Those interested should get in touch with us through the contact us form.

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