Enrollment Open: c-Watch Training – 2020 Summer Intensive

The Sports-ISAO will be conducting our 6th online training for cyber threat hunters and social media threat analysts beginning June 22, 2020.  We accept applicants from undergraduate and graduate programs throughout the United States for three integrated tracks:

  • Cyber observable threat hunting (COTH) and social media threat hunting (SMTH),
  • Tools training and workflow integration, and
  • Fusion analysis in a cyber threat analyst cell (CTAC)

Previous applicants have come from the following disciplines:

  • Computer science & digital forensics
  • Intelligence studies
  • Information technology sciences
  • Data sciences
  • Political sciences & public affairs
  • History
  • Law & pre-law studies
  • Journalism & public affairs

Applicants are training on current tradecraft used in professional cyber threat intelligence teams and gain access to several cutting-edge tools for cyber threat analysis.

Previous international sporting events we have covered includes:

  • 2016 Summer Olympics
  • 2017 IAAF World Championship Games
  • 2018 Winter Olympics
  • 2018 FIFA Men’s World Cup
  • 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup

With the COVID-19 Pandemic and the postponement of the 2020 Olympics to 2021, we have made some changes to our program delivery.  We have compressed the 8-week program into an intensive 3-Week self-guided online program.  More details on the new format are provided here.

For more on our 3-Week Intensive Training Program and the Capstone visit us here.

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