Women more cyber secure than Men

Women  more cyber secure than Men

In a study published on April 29th by online password manager NordPass, they study found that men fall victim to cybercrime more than women. The research found that women used were more likely than men to create very unique passwords. This seemed to be a surprise by Nord Pass researchers who used a survey of 700 people from the United Kingdom and 700 from the United States.

The following are the comparisons:

Men Questions Women
36% Unique passwords for online store accounts 43%
50% Unique passwords for banks and other financial institutions 57%
42% Unique passwords for personal email 50%
31% Unique passwords for communication apps 38%

Conclusions that NordPass came up with is that women are more concerned about their online security compared to men. Furthermore, the study concluded that victims of cybercrime don’t secure their account with unique passwords compared to those who haven’t experienced it.

There is also the stress that individuals have in changing their passwords for different sites so they choose to remember on password for multiple sights. 30% of study participants thought this was very stressful.

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