UPDATE – Most significant foreign govt threats re Covid-19:

UPDATE – Most significant foreign govt threats re Covid-19:

***China remains the most prolific in this regard, and their approach is
in keeping with their profile of conducting cyberattacks for
technological advantage. The 5G conspiracy theory benefits China as
well, though that has not been overwhelmingly attributed to PRC.

***Iran is implicated in an attempt to break into the accounts of WHO
staffers (April 2020). This is a distant 2nd to PRC activity. Relatively few
instances of Iranian activity cross the threshold from “attempt” to “success.

”***Predominantly Indian “hack-for-hire” firms create Gmail accounts that
spoof the WHO to target business leaders in financial services, consulting, and healthcare corporations within numerous countries including, the U.S., Slovenia, Canada, India, Bahrain, Cyprus, and the UK. Typical vector encourages targets to sign-up for Covid-19 related announcements from the WHO. More to follow on any successful credential harvesting campaigns.

***Russian and North Korean cyberattacks continue apace, none
significantly related with Covid-19.

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