Are you passionate about sports?

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are passionate about sports and have an interest in cybersecurity you might be interested in learning about our volunteer program. We are always looking for people who what to be involved in protecting the culture of sports.

If you have expertise on information technology and cybersecurity events and are an avid sports fan, we’d like to hear from you. Here are some of the areas where we need volunteers:

  • Write about your favorite team or sport and submit your article to our editorial board at:  Join (at) sports-isao (dot) org
  • Help grow the community by reaching out to your local University, regional professional teams, and amateur sports leagues.  For this contact us at:  Join (at) sports-isao (dot) org
  • Become a c-Champion in a local community. To find out about this program write us at:  Join (at) sports-isao (dot) org

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