About Us

Information Sharing & Analysis Organizations (ISAOs) are groups created to gather, analyze, and disseminate information for protecting computing assets from common threats.


CRI LOGO The Sports ISAO is sponsored by the Cyber Resilience Institute (CRI)  (a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization). Donations are tax-deductible.

  • Cyber Resilience Institute builds strong cyber communities to protect members from cyber attackers.  Like a neighborhood watch, it takes a sharing community and vigilance to thwart attackers.  With the Community Cyber Marketplace, Cyber Resilience Institute engages communities in collective cyber defense.
  • Americans love their sports.  By using sport, Cyber Resilience Institute is rallying communities to protect their athletes, facilities and event sponsors from cyber-attack.  The Sports ISAO is a cutting edge Public-Private Partnership that alerts stadium security of threats.
  • The Sports ISAO and the Community Cyber Marketplace are ways that Cyber Resilience Institute is changing America’s approach to cybersecurity.  We improve cyber resilience one community at a time.


Co-sponsors include Cyber Threat Intelligence Network, Inc. (CTIN), eosEdge Cyber, and CyberUSA Connect.  We are jointly promoting the development of an ISAO for protecting athletes, sports team sponsors and sports venues from common threat actors.

Primary Co-Sponsors
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