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All Sponsorship Levels are for Sports-ISAO programs of the Cyber Resilience Institute (CRI), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Sports-ISAO uses the strategy of forming relationships with advocates of cyber resilience activities in communities around the United States.  We are building on the American passion for sport and the enthusiasm that engenders. And, through our programs, we are offering sports-themed programming to support cybersecurity for athletes, teams, venues, leagues and conferences.  With this strategy, effective marketing and a strong value proposition, sponsorship participation in the Sports-ISAO is a smart choice for our partners.

What is Sports-ISAO?

Sports-ISAO is the sport industry’s information sharing and analysis organization (ISAO). At its core is the use of cyber threat analysis for establishing a community engaged in cyber threat sharing, member-sourced intelligence, and collective risk reduction. Adding further value to this community, Sports-ISAO provisions full-scope cyber services for its Members via the c-Market™.


Sponsorship Tracks (ST)

1. Sports-ISAO Platium Sponsor
2. Sports-ISAO Gold Sponsor
3. Sports-ISAO Silver Sponsor

Sponsorship Scope (SS)

1. National/International: This is for companies with national or international capability or programming.
2. Regional/State: This is for companies principally focused on a regional market.

Sponsorship Categories (SC)

1. Founding Sponsor: This is the key integrated Sponsorship Track and is National/International in scope. There will be a limited number of Founding Sponsors. A Founding Sponsor is a company seeking substantial marketing advantages and business opportunities from a strategic sponsorship in Sports-ISAO. A Founding Sponsor may add Program Sponsor for package pricing.
2. Major Sponsor: This is a 1-track Sponsorship with either Scope (National/International or Regional/State).
3. Program Sponsor: This is a 1-track Sponsorship with either Scope (National/International or Regional/State). A Program Sponsor is a company seeking, independently or joined by other Program Sponsors, to underwrite a program for market delivery with the Sports-ISAO. A Program may be designed by the Program Sponsor or CRI, and may include leadership within cyber service categories or disciplines (e.g., a market vertical). Examples of our current programs are available at this link.

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