Continued Corruption in Soccer

Continued Corruption in Soccer

Last year, the US Department of Justice indicted several of Fifa’s top executives for corruption allegations.[1] The organization was being investigated for wire fraud and money laundering over the past 24 years.[2] In an article written for The Guardian, registered FA intermediary Jonathan Booker, argued that the corruption has not stopped.[3]

Sepp Blatter, former Fifa president
Sepp Blatter, the former Fifa president that was banned following the corruption revelations
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Booker states that corruption continues to run rampart in the industry because there is no incentive to act ethically. Because corruption does not have much consequence, Booker argues that unethical and corrupt practices have become accepted as part of the culture. Many of the people that work there are looking to go around the rules for personal gain, and they teased Booker for his discontent with the system.[4]

Booker also suggests some solutions he proposed to solve the corruption problem, but he stated that nobody would listen to his suggestions. He wants to begin an accreditation program for agents that would allow them to act as a standard for best practices, and he wrote a proposal to educate the industry on intermediary activity.[5]

The soccer industry’s continued corruption caused Jonathan Booker to seek better practices.









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